Iceboating Rules


Greetings from the NSIBYC safety Committee. We welcome all iceboaters here in Red Bank. While some might consider iceboating a potentially dangerous sport, we are proud of a very good safety record. This does not happen by mistake. Our club trains it’s members in both ice safety and rules of the road. We usually devote the discussion portion of two meetings each year to safety topics. We have purchased some of the finest safety equipment over the years and are ready to use it if necessary. Our goal is for our members to have fun on the ice with safety always in mind.

We invite all iceboaters from around the world to join us when we have ice here in Red Bank. All we ask is that everyone follows our club safety rules. We offer one of the most unique places to sail from in the world. As such, though, one must expect a very busy sight with many types of boats with all levels of skippers sailing ability. Combine this with large amounts of spectators and you can expect a challenging sailing experience. This requires all to follow our safety rules. We ask all guests to adhere to our rules and follow any directions from club officers.

With safety in mind, we hope all enjoy sailing here in Red Bank. See everyone on the ice.

James Hassfeld
Safety Committee Chairman

Jim Hassfeld checking the ice, New Years Day 1998