1910 Group


Delbert Fisher, of Fisher Place, has placed the following faces, reading the photo from left to right in roughly three rows:

Front row seated at left is James B. Weaver, Club Commodore, and a merchant tailor; Charley Bird, Charles B. Irwin; next gentleman Unknown, and then Sam Morford, who was in the coal business.

Seated in the second row, the second man from the left with a handlebar mustache is Charles Grover, next to him is the man who formerly owned William O’Brien’s plumbing business but his name escapes Mr. Fisher and the next man is unidentified. Seated in front of the stove Is Henry Woods, then another unknown, then James Doughty who owned a pickle factory on Oakland Street. To the right of the gentleman who looks like Santa Claus Is Charles Allen, a summer oysterman and a farmer. Leaning in the right foreground is Walter Minton.

Standing in the back row is Fred Thompson, Sid Earl, Douglas Riddell. Closest to the stove at left is Garrett Morford. Third from the stove to the right is Charles Minton who was a druggist in a shop next to Kridel’s, and a man Mr. Fisher believes is named Swannell, an architect. In the derby hat, with stiff collar, tie and mustache is Red Bank Register reporter George Longstreet and Edward Asay stands alongside him. Partially seated in the right foreground is a man named Woorl – first name unknown. The bearded one in the right rear is Gus Haviland, a boat builder whose place Is now the Irwin Yacht Works.